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The #1 Ventrilo server provider to World of Warcraft guilds. Were not resellers, but authorized Ventrilo server hosts. Using our control panel, you'll have full control of all settings and codecs for Windows and Mac. NEVER an extra charge for high codecs (like other companies with low teaser prices). We use premium bandwidth providers, including Internap and Peer1.
LeetVoiceServers.com excels by being the largest provider of Ventrilo Servers to many guilds and clans throughout the world, attaining its position by providing the lowest cost and most reliable service anywhere.
Because we know our customers.
We know what gamers want in a voice server. All of your e-mails and support calls are handled by a gamer, knowledgeable in the server industry; someone who knows the difference between a lag and a spike. We've been in this business for over six years, know where the fast and dependable datacenters are, and use them.We own our own machines in our own racks kept at datacenters located throughout the globe. This makes a world of difference when choosing a server-rental company.
E-mail: Diane@LeetServers.com
Phone: 1.917.254.4050
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